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Ready to take flight? Travel nursing allows you the freedom to choose when and where you want to work. We encourage you to take this opportunity to explore the country and experience new communities, all while honing your professional skills. Whether you are an experienced Travel Nurse or a staff nurse looking to start Travel Nursing, your horizons will expand!

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At Phoenix MedStaff, we specialize in staffing the Cardiac Cath Lab; this includes all clinicians in the CCL, IR, and EP labs— RN, RT, RCIS, RCES, and CVT positions. Along with these specialized fields, we focus on staffing healthcare facilities in the ER, ICU, OR, Med/Surg, Tele, CVOR, PCU, DOU, PACU, PICU and more.

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We recognize that some of these positions are highly specialized...

Travel Nurses in these modalities come from vastly different backgrounds and experiences. Whether you are a veteran of Travel Nursing with years of experience, or you are new to travel nursing, it's always helpful to go over common procedures and roles in order to gauge your experience and find that perfect fit. That's where we come in! Recruiters at Phoenix Medstaff are highly skilled and trained to assist in matching you with the position that best coincides with your skillset, along with what a particular healthcare facility is requiring. We visit hospitals to see different units, especially Cardiac Cath, IR, and Electrophysiology labs, so that we can get a better glimpse into your work environment. The more we learn, the better we are at matching you with nursing jobs that appreciate and value your unique skill set.

If you're new to travel nursing, one of the first steps is to view travel nursing job boards and compare benefits of different agencies (in which case you can stop your search here because you've found the best!). Our recruiters will be able to fast-track the process and give you all the required and pertinent information you need to become a successful traveling nurse! Connect with one of our recruiters today.

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Travel with The Flock

What sets Phoenix Apart?

As a travel nurse with Phoenix MedStaff, you're a member of the team! As your industry partners, we operate with your well-being in mind. Our compensation packages are not just competitive, they exceed the standard. Phoenix prioritizes building lasting professional relationships with our nurses and allied staff above all else. We want to make your travel experience as seamless as possible, so you can focus on patient care and enjoy life.

Bill Rate Transparency

We want you to know we're not making too much money, so we tell you the bill rate of your assignment. We do not profit on your extra hard work (OT, CBOT, DT, On Call Hours) - we only cover our costs of Worker's Comp and taxes.

Health Insurance

When you travel with Phoenix MedStaff, you become part of the team. We make sure your health insurance is usable! We have plenty of advanced programs that offer custom insurance solutions, as well as the ability to confirm coverage with a live advisor before you go to work! All of our travelers receive full healthcare benefits, just like our recruiters and management! Our Health Benefits package includes Medical, Dental, Vision, ST and LT Disability, Legal Services, Critical Illness, and more. Check out our benefits page for details!

Retirement & Financial Benefits

We want to set you up for success long-term with benefit solutions that truly reward your hard work. Phoenix offers every member of our travel team (RN and Allied) a 401k financial benefits package with a 5% employer match starting day one, PTO accrual starting day one, and weekly pay. To learn more about your retirement options with Phoenix, check out our benefits page!

The Details - Housing, Food... and Licensing!?


As a travel nurse, your living arrangements are covered by a non-taxable stipend. We recommend using Furnished Finder to book your accommodations.


Your travel stipend also covers meals and incidentals. Travel nurses need to eat - get a taste of the local fare in your new city!

Paid Time Off

Who knew travel would be so hard? Take a well-deserved break. We offer PTO to all of our nurses and techs; accrual starts on day one!


So... will my nursing licenses travel with me? Absolutely! And it's a good idea to keep these up to date to preserve any travel options for a great assignment you may not be expecting.

Travel Nurse Salary - How does Travel Pay Work?

The news is out: Traveling nurses get paid substantially more for their services than traditional healthcare staff. Plus... they get significant tax advantages!

So, how does a “travel nurse salary” work? Well, for starters, a travel nurse doesn't necessarily get paid a salary. An allied or travel nurse will get paid an hourly rate plus a housing and food stipend. The hourly rate is a taxable rate that will get reported on your W-2. However, the stipend is non-taxable and those funds are added to your paycheck after all taxes have been deducted (and does not get included on your W-2 from us). The result is a “take-home pay” amount that is significantly higher than staff nurse colleagues who only have a taxable wage (up to twice the take-home pay amount!) How a travel nurse agency reports your earnings is a big deal - remember to ask the question and read the research. It'll make a big difference!

Staffing agencies serve as a liaison between hospital sites with an urgent need for healthcare workers, and nurses who are open to travel. At Phoenix MedStaff, we care about our nurses and techs. We prioritize your well-being with pay that is not just competitive, but far exceeds the industry standard!

Travel Nurse Jobs

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From California to Maine, there are miles and miles of opportunities to become a travel nurse in the location that suits you best. Start today by taking a look at our available Travel Nurse Jobs!

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If you're ready to join the Phoenix Medstaff team, contact one of our recruiters, submit a travel nursing application and fill out a skills checklist for your modality of choice. Then, apply for available nursing jobs directly through our website.

We look forward to working with you and helping find that next travel opportunity.