Phoenix HeartBeat – October 2023

Phoenix Heartbeat
November 2, 2023 by Tom Harmon

Cath Lab, IR & EP Wage Trends and Analysis

Welcome to the Phoenix Monthly Market Analysis for all travel jobs in Cardiac Cath Lab, Interventional Radiology and Electrophysiology! We’ll break down last month’s newest high-paying jobs with state-by-state analysis and nursing vs tech breakdowns.

Different strokes for different folks…
Travel staffing is starting to get back to normal seasonal cycles after the Covid disruptions the past few years.  No longer does every hospital have a need and will negotiate rates.  The majority of hospitals and staffing programs have signaled the CEO / executive intent to streamline over the next year and do some budget recovery, leading many health systems to pull back on travel staffing.  However, the few programs that started aggressively making changes (rate decreases, early contract cancelations) have felt the consequences – we’re seeing the same jobs posted a few weeks later and staying open for a long time as agencies are reluctant to staff those programs out of fear of the same bad behavior.  The reputation of the staffing program matters – do your homework before you accept!