Phoenix HeartBeat – May 2024

Phoenix Heartbeat
June 1, 2024 by Tom Harmon

Cath Lab, IR & EP Wage Trends and Analysis

Welcome to the Phoenix Monthly Market Analysis for all travel jobs in Cardiac Cath Lab, Interventional Radiology and Electrophysiology! We’ll break down last month’s newest high-paying jobs with state-by-state analysis and nursing vs tech breakdowns.

Spring arrives a little late…
Well, the end of May finally brought out the sun in our markets.  While the map on the left below shows more blue dots than last month, the real story is on the Nursing and Technologist pages.  Rates are starting to come up and Nursing is finally seeing some steady orders flow with good rates.  There are a few MSPs out there that are still trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel to pinch pennies, but they’re not seeing any submissions with the other high paying jobs on the board.  We see the May results as very positive, yet not so much as to preclude the possibility of an even higher fall contract cycle.  Seasonality has definitely normalized, with the contract cycles for signing coming in February, May, August and November.