Phoenix HeartBeat – March 2023

Phoenix Heartbeat
April 6, 2023 by Tom Harmon

Cath Lab, IR & EP Wage Trends and Analysis

Welcome to the Phoenix Monthly Market Analysis for all travel jobs in Cardiac Cath Lab, Interventional Radiology and Electrophysiology! We’ll break down last month’s newest high-paying jobs with state-by-state analysis and nursing vs tech breakdowns.

New Sources, More Orders

We’ve expanded the scope again! This month, we’ve added Cross Country to our list of sources that include Triage and Fusion and ourselves of course.

The Limits are Being Tested

While March saw some relief some the recent rate decreases, Electrophysiology continued to get hammed. EP RNs and Techs are both down over $500 a week in the past couple of months, a shocking decline. Hospitals are also truly testing the limits of reasonable with some pay packages as well – the lowest we saw was a measly $1,350 a week!