Phoenix HeartBeat – February 2024

Phoenix Heartbeat
March 3, 2024 by Tom Harmon

Cath Lab, IR & EP Wage Trends and Analysis

Welcome to the Phoenix Monthly Market Analysis for all travel jobs in Cardiac Cath Lab, Interventional Radiology and Electrophysiology! We’ll break down last month’s newest high-paying jobs with state-by-state analysis and nursing vs tech breakdowns.

The RN and Tech markets diverge…
February saw very different markets for RNs versus Technologists.  The Techs saw volume hold steady at a nice level and rates mostly flat, while the RNs saw another big drop-off in volume partnered with a rate increase.  But the story this month is the vast difference between RN and Tech volume – exacerbated by the significant decrease in RN orders.  Interventional Radiology Techs saw a nice bump in pay to over $2,850, but anecdotally, the higher paying assignments are all above $3,100.  The RNs had a few very nicely paying assignments in Pennsylvania (over $3,600), so opportunity is out there if you move quick!  There were over 15 submissions to it in an hour!