Phoenix HeartBeat – August 2023

Phoenix Heartbeat
September 1, 2023 by Tom Harmon

Cath Lab, IR & EP Wage Trends and Analysis

Welcome to the Phoenix Monthly Market Analysis for all travel jobs in Cardiac Cath Lab, Interventional Radiology and Electrophysiology! We’ll break down last month’s newest high-paying jobs with state-by-state analysis and nursing vs tech breakdowns.

There’s a lot of Red….
Anecdotally, the end of August felt like we saw a good increase in rates, especially for Technologists, with IR being especially popular.  That being said, the maps below show a lot of red because they are comparison periods and the rate trend was decreasing in general over the past couple of months.  But we are starting to see rates creep back up in geographic areas like the Northeast and Virginia areas, while nicer weather locales are keeping rates lower.  There are whispers of a potential Covid wave this season which undoubtedly would push rates higher as well.  Compared to floor nursing rates in general, Cath Lab and IR have regained the top bill rates, though Electrophysiology is not getting the respect it deserves quite yet.