Day in the Life of a Travel Nurse Recruiter

September 1, 2022 by Taryn Porter

Ever wondered what your recruiter is up to all day? We’ve got the inside scoop.

1. Sourcing

Your recruiter likely begins their workflow with sourcing strategies. After all, their job is to find as many qualified candidates as possible to fill vacant hospital roles. There are a number of ways in which a recruiter can source. A recruiter will spend time posting roles on job boards and social media. They also spread the word through text, call, and email campaigns. Once they’ve found the right candidate, they begin the submission process.

2. Before the Submission

Before submission, a recruiter will prep your “submission packet”. The requirements may vary, but this will typically include at least a resume, professional references, a skills checklist, and proof of licensure. Sending your recruiter everything they need for your packet as quickly as possible is important to securing an interview. Travel nursing spots can close just as quickly as they open, so time is of the essence!

3. After the Submission

After you are submitted to a role, your recruiter will stay in touch with their account managers to track your submissions progress. If you have any questions before your interview, now is the time to ask! 

Once you’ve nailed your interview and landed your new assignment, your recruiter will draft your contract. Your contract will include your official start date, contract length, and your previously agreed upon pay rate. 

If you need help finding housing accommodations, your recruiter will be able to offer guidance. Once you start your assignment, your recruiter will check-in with you periodically to make sure things are going well. As you near the end of your assignment, your recruiter will either begin working on your extension at your current assignment, or searching for a new role for you! 

Travel nurse recruiters keep pretty busy between taking care of their working nurses, and seeking new candidates for available roles.